Juicing and juice cleansing have been all the hype over the past few years. But the question remains: is it healthy? Can I benefit from juicing and how?

All of the articles and information around can seem confusing and you’ll find avid supporters who swear by juicing and/or cleansing and then an opposing group of individuals who think it’s just another health fad. Why the split down the middle? Well, as usual the answer is hidden behind context and personal objectives.

In this article we will discuss the meaning of juicing and juice cleansing, the common trends and arguments for and against them both, and whether or not they are truly healthy or of any real advantage. So … let’s dive in.


What is Juicing & How Did It Start?

It’s well known that many fruits and vegetables have been known to help fight chronic diseases such as heart disease and forms of cancer. Despite these health benefits, only a very small percentage of the population ever reaches their daily recommendations for fruit and vegetable intake. Therefore, it’s not surprising that juicing has been recently utilized to hit this daily intake and supplement a lack of whole foods in someone’s diet while potentially “detoxifying” their body [1].

In general, juicing is a process that separates the juices of fruits and vegetables from their associated solid matter (i.e. skin and/or pulp), which contains the majority of the fiber content (and sometimes nutrients). This is an important point in the argument used against those who advocate that juice cleanses, but we will touch on that in a bit more detail later.

The 2 key reasons for recommending juicing and promoting it for its health benefits are:

  1. To cleanse or detox the body from 21st century pollutants and years of a bad diet.
  2. To supplement a normal diet in cases where a healthy whole food diet is lacking.

Using juicing as a “detox” method often involves the complete removal of solid food where only juice is consumed, for anything from just a few days up to several weeks. This is where things can get tricky, especially when it’s used in conjunction with weight loss or as a weight loss tool.

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