Two of the worst feelings someone can feel is deprivation and suffering when it comes to their daily food intake. Some of the fittest people we know have diets like this: Lean Ground Beef, Whole Wheat Tortillas and some Black beans. We will give you another sample meal that we have seen some of the fittest people consume on a daily basis: Lean Ground Turkey Burger on a Whole Wheat Bun and some veggies.

Looks pretty good, right? Well these fit people that we are talking about are not depriving themselves of certain foods.

Is it genetics?

Nope, from what we have seen it’s purely science, hard work, good habits, and consistency.

Why is it that when it comes to dieting, everybody automatically thinks they have to suffer and deprive themselves from everything in life? Why is it that people think they can’t have the foods they love and crave in moderation? Why does the word “dieting” have to be portrayed as depriving and suffering yourself?

We can understand for those that are trying to get fewer than 5% body fat, but even then it is only for a short amount of time but some suffering may occur. For everyone else trying to improve their body composition or drop body fat, you shouldn’t suffer while dieting.

We feel a big part has to do with the personality of people feeling like they need to deprive themselves as much as possible on a diet to say they did everything in their power to try and accomplish their goal, even if they didn’t accomplish it entirely.

It’s almost like a sneaky excuse to why one didn’t accomplish their goal 100% of the way. Whether it’s losing a few pounds to look good on the beach, dropping some fat for a photo shoot, or dieting down to low body fat levels for a contest, it just seems that people need to endure some sort of agony when it comes to dieting.

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