Every few years, and diet comes along that makes you sit up and think – “What the …”

In recent years, one that has made the strength and bodybuilding communities do just that has been the raw food diet. The thing is though, it’s not like the raw food diet is really anything new, it’s just risen in popularity this last 10 years or so.

It was first promoted as a way of eating for civilized humans in the Western world in the mid-1800s by Maximilian Bircher-Benner, who thought that as animals didn’t cook their food, and humans were just another form of animal, we shouldn’t either.

Clearly, there are flaws with this logic.

Animals don’t drive cars, wear clothes, or take modern medicine either, but without getting into the whole debate on evolution, hopefully you can see that perhaps it’s not the best idea to base a diet and a lifestyle around what our more primitive fellow species do.

Despite the fact that raw food diets are difficult to follow, lack taste and flavor and aren’t back by any science, there are still millions out there who follow them, and believe they have genuine health benefits.

In this article we’ll sort the facts from the fiction, and look into exactly why a raw food diet is not the way to go for anyone concerned about their physique, strength and health, and why they can potentially be dangerous.

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