Carbs are a fat loss killer … apparently.

Ask 100 members of the public what the worst macronutrient is, and chances are, 95 of them would say carbs.

A decade or two ago, this would have been different, when we were all about sticking to a low-fat diet, and embraced grains, fruits and potatoes while eschewing butter, steak and cheese. Nowadays though, things are a little different.

Due to the risk in popularity of diets like Atkins and South Beach, everyone’s been indoctrinated into thinking that carbs stop fat loss, trigger the release of insulin, ignite fat storage, and need to be kept to a bare minimum if you want to lose weight. We’ve even got to the point where people are avoiding perfectly healthy fruits and vegetables because they’re so scared that the carbs will be their dietary downfall.


Where did the madness begin?

As much as gorging all day on donuts and sandwiches may not be the best approach for long-term or short-term fat loss, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with including carbohydrates in your diet, regardless of your goals. In fact, having more carbs in your diet could even accelerate fat loss and make your diet a damn sight more effective.

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