Flexible dieting has been a great change for the fitness industry. This approach to nutrition has helped many realize they don’t have to follow a strict meal plan to reach their goals. Gone are the days of lugging around Tupperware and only being able to eat tilapia and asparagus.

Flexible dieting has also helped many people realize there are no magic foods and that our body composition is a result of the macronutrients (protein, carbs, fat, and fiber) we consume on a daily basis. This revelation has been freeing to many, including myself.

Although flexible dieting has been a great change, I see far too many people become rigid with their approach. They forget that flexible dieting should be just that, flexible.

If you are weighing and tracking everything all the time, or not eating food because you can’t find nutrition information, you are doing it wrong. Below are seven tips to help you avoid rigidness and do flexible dieting right.

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