Every major religious figure’s goal was to conquer old age, sickness, and death. Jesus offers salvation through him. Buddha shows you the path to enlightenment to escape from the wheel of Samsara. Hinduism also seeks to free you of that wheel.

No matter what you believe, your physical body is going to get old, and it will eventually die. That much we know for sure. And to an extent, we can control the quality of our life as we get closer to old age. Having said that, training needn’t cease, but it should definitely evolve. So let’s take a look at how it should do so.


Life Movements

Ideally, these life movements are something we should practice regardless of our age. But as we age, it becomes even more important. Life movements are just that—stuff we do in life. They include: getting out of chairs, getting off the floor, and getting out of bed. Knowing that, we can break those life movements down in the context of smaller movements that comprise them. From there, we can talk about how to train them. And how you train them depends on where you are in terms of movement quality. So, in your twilight years, these movements will look different than they do when you’re a young spring chicken. Let’s have a look.

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