An Instagram account with “fitness” somewhere in the handle, a few solid gym selifes, and “online trainer” in the bio and you’ve gotten yourself an online coaching business destined to bring in serious cash and set you up for the gym rat’s dream life- a few emails, endless time to yourself for workouts, and social media popularity, right?! Wrong…so very wrong. As online training has gained enormous popularity in the last 8-10 years, the idea that becoming an online coach fills nearly everyone that steps into the gym. The reality is, now more than ever; becoming an established coach in an already saturated market is going to be anything but easy. The bright side is, if you’re willing to take the necessary steps, it can be done.

Below are the harsh realities that any aspiring online coach should come to grips with if deciding to pursue is as a career. It’s not for everyone, but for the coaches and trainers that are willing to do it right; it can be one of the most rewarding ventures, both personally and for some- financially, in the fitness industry.



The industry is full of coaches, legit and phony, all posting content and pictures constantly in order to establish a foothold in the industry. Starting out, nobody is going to care about what you post. This isn’t because you don’t matter (at the least, your mom knows your special), but because of the sheer volume of information floating around the Internet every day. This can be discouraging for any new coach, how can these people NOT take notice of the hard work and quality content you’ve created?!

The thing is, every well-known coach once had nobody care about his or her services and opinion. Another commonality among the present day successes is that they never once let the early struggles stop them. They each remained confident in their strategies and knowledge, and continued producing consistent, quality, captivating content. Eventually, between the content they provided, and the results they helped clients achieve- people had no choice but to take notice.

The same attitude that applied to them, applies to you now. Just because Coach X has 100,000+ social media followers and constant new client inquiries doesn’t mean it started out that way. It’s your choice to let the start-up phase stop you and your ego in its tracks, or remind you of all the hard work the pioneers in online coaching also faced. Be consistent with your efforts, even when it seems pointless, and watch your coaching business progressively grow.

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