You’ve no doubt heard of the phrase “paralysis by analysis.” If you are the type of person that overanalyzes everything with subcategories of possible outcomes, you are suffering from paralysis by analysis. It renders you immobile and powerless. If you’ve ever listened to or read an advertisement, you might have noticed that you don’t get the option to choose anything. The goal of the advertisement was to make you do one of two things: choose to buy, or discard it. Had the advertisement given you a list of options, you likely would not buy, by default.

So it goes with your fitness goals. If you talk to anyone they’re either switching something in their programming, bulking, cutting, training for this, or training for that. And that’s excellent. Having a goal is a great way to make sure you achieve something. And having too many decisions is a great way to screw up the process.

But what do you do when you stall? You know what I mean. The dreaded plateau. Some might make the argument that maintaining is a pointless endeavor, especially in terms of dieting. The rationale is like that of what I mentioned above. The goal keeps you in focus. But, there is more to your gains that just getting lean or bulking up. And I am reminded of something I heard Alan Aragon once say. He said “Plateaus are just practice for maintenance.”

With that in mind, you do have more options with your fitness should this happen. And they will happen. It’s just a matter of when. And it’s also a matter of on what you will plateau. So let’s look at the options.


Dietary Plateau – A Case for More Variety

When you have been dieting for a while, there comes a point when you stop losing. Usually, if there is an impending goal, you lower the calories until you maintain the desired leanness for which you have sought. You have found your focus. And then you reach it.

One option is to reverse diet out of the caloric deficit so that you don’t binge your way out of it for the next week or two. Instead, you systematically increase the calories until you get to a point of maintenance.

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