With the seemingly infinite variables required for program design, identifying the optimal framework can be daunting. Complicating this process is the experimentation of conflicted strategies that result in misinterpreting the efficacy of each approach.  Before starting any program, personalization is paramount and warrants significant context to clarify appropriate considerations of planning and iterating strategy to accommodate a client’s life. The vast majority of people whom initially approach us at ShyTown Fitness, have a preexisting perception of rigidity and inflexibility associated with any meaningful fitness pursuit, which is often accompanied by a questionable self-confidence in their ability to achieve it.

Unfortunately, many programming strategies are allegedly positioned as infallible models universally appropriate for anyone. As people implement fitness modalities they don’t find intrinsically rewarding in some capacity, they often end up increasingly frustrated, self-perpetuating the reasons that lead to this desired change in the first place.

Naturally a growing polarity begins to manifest between sects (i.e. powerlifting vs. bodybuilding), as vocal supporters or critics, whose passion and bias arose from their own experience, create a resistance to incorporate strategies that may resemble perceptively opposing methodologies.  However, true sustainability requires a capacity to modify an approach around the contextual characteristics of one’s own life while considering the full range of available modalities.

In this field, rarely does one strategy exist in a binary world of either GOOD or BAD, but rather operates on a continuum of degree, depending on the characteristics of each person and situation.

Before we dive in, it’s imperative to understand there is no magic formula to transform your body; an infinitely complex organism designed to resist external stress, without the investment of time, effort and resolve. The aesthetic physiques you see populating your Instagram feed did not happen overnight.  Rather, they reflect a lifestyle that supports such a uniquely demanding process, comprising an overwhelming undertone of consistency.

In this article, we will discuss a triple categorical model to help you construct an intelligently optimized program design.  The most significant driver of success in any pursuit, physique or otherwise, is consistency in deliberate effort. The scientific nuances of an exercise protocol mean nothing if you can’t maintain the framework it implies. Considering these 3 foundational pillars of program design should dramatically enhance the productivity of your efforts in the gym.

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