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    Posted In: News  /  Posted On: 07.11.12

    Hello all,

    Since the new website is now up we’d like to kick it off with a bang.  Many people on twitter and facebook expressed interest in a video log so here we go!  This first video log is basically how I came into the ‘outwork’ mindset and how it changed my life.  I hope you all enjoy.


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      Love the new site and great first video log. I never knew how #outwork came to be so great stroy and you have taken that experience and continued to outwork and be a great example!

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      Hey Layne,
      I had a similar childhood which has greatly contributed to my drive in life. Now that I’m 25 I see a lot of the kids that were popular back in the day are obese now.

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      Man I am SO proud for you and of you for doing this!

      This really helps us all get to know you better and is so motivational!

      I have a similar story about making the snare drum line in Drum & Bugle Corps. I had the least talent but the instructor let me in because of my attitude and Outwork! Best summer of my life. Played snare drum 8 hours every day.:)

      Also, you gave me the motivation to do a bodybuilding show at 48 years old and I had only been on the gym for 2 1/2 years prior.

      You motivate lots of people!

      Thanks for everything bud!!


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      Love your new website and vlog! Always interesting to hear, that even though you aren’t the most talented guy around you can outwork it and succeed! Looking forward to your future vlogs!

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      Great video log! I look forward to the various topics. This is great start as it establishes you as a real person to newcomers instead of just some bodybuilder. Topic requests:

      - the extent to which some go in steroid accusations
      - what the next generation of bodybuilders will be if society has a “everyone gets a trophy” mentality.

      Page is bookmarked!

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      The new site is great and I’m looking forward to following your vlog! Love the passion you have for bodybuilding and how you have got to where you are through sheer determination and hard work. Inspirational :)

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      The new website is gorgeous! Really enjoyed your first vlog, you don’t have to be into BB or anything related to be captivated by you as a person, Layne. Fantastic stuff, I’ll be on new updates like the white on rice.

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      Layne, you’re a true champion. Love your mentality towards life in general. Ill bet the so called “popular people” are nothing compared to you now. You’re a true role model every bodybuilder should look up to. Natural bodybuilding for life!

      Fantastic website aswell.

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      Dr. Layne sir, I would just like to say thanks for all you do for the fitness community! I know personally if it were not for you I wouldn’t be stepping on stage this weekend in my first comp as a natural bodybuilder @ The NGA Alabama Championships!! Thank you again for everything you do!!

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      Wow Layne, your childhood reminds me of mine. I wasnt the most popular in school either, but i was always a hardworker, i found my home in the gym late in life and i have never left. Awesome site bro! Keep doing what u do!

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      Love the new site and the video blog. Everything you do is first class all the way.

      You have more Desire, Discipline and Dedication than anyone I have ever seen!!

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      Layne, awesome work with the new site. Another leap to get the word out. Great introductory vlog and looking forward to more !

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      Just wanted to say that you have been such an inpsiration to me, and you still are ! i often think about you when im training and lack motivation, keeps me going everytime :)

      Keep it going layne, and thanks for everything

      Robert from Norway

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      Hey Layne!
      Awsome video logs I must say!
      It really makes it worth listening too as long as I know that you are a clean bodybuilder and the fact that you are a “doctor” :) Been following our PHAT-routine for 3 months now and i’ve gained 2 kg muscle mass! AWSOME!
      Best regards from a clean athletic fitness athlete from Norway!!

      Kjell-Remi Westlie

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