• BioLayne Video Log 18 – Carbohydrate Metabolism: What Intake is Right for You?

    Posted In: Contest Prep  /  Posted On: 07.08.13

    In this BioLayne Video Log we discuss carbohydrates and their effects on anabolism, fat loss, metabolism, and metabolic adaptation.

    Some of the studies cited:

    Effects of Insulin in physiological range:

    Carb only meals do not stimulate MPS:

    Possible amino acid & carb synergism:

    30g glucose vs. 90g glucose post workout with 30g whey:

    Ketogenic diets do not have a metabolic advantage over non-ketogenic high protein diets


    • http://www.optimalbodyfitness.com Jonathan Wiseman

      I think a guideline or troubleshooter article on metabolic capacity would be an amazing tool.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=615258982 Jim Davis

      Layne, I’m one of those who started out as having to eat no more than 200 grams of carbs a day when adding mass, and for my first show, got down to 25g a day, after carb cycling.

      That was 3 years ago. Now, I’m adding clean mass at 350-400g a day, but not fat. I added too much fat over winter, under the spell of a 3-month bout of infectious bronchitis. Since coming out of that, my weight has stayed fairly constant, but my waist is going slowly down again, and by the time it’s time to start prep, in about 4 weeks, I should be no higher than 12% or so.

      . . . and I’m 59.

      • http://supplementswholefood.blogspot.co.nz/ Nick

        59! Jim that’s impressive

      • http://ABCbodybuilding.com Ricky Kilgore

        I am 59 also. I injured my back in 1974 as an Airborne Ranger. My lower back is gone so the doctors say. I am trying to save the rest of my body by exercising. I would love to know how you do with your workouts. Thanks for posting.

    • dmelancon

      Great video as always.
      I’ll save a lot on the carb supps with this!

    • AMy H.

      GREAT video! Really good information.

    • Vanessa

      Another great video Layne! I can attest that what he says is very true! I got my carbs as high as 300g in my first off-season & dieted down to 40g. I then reversed dieted back very slowly like he explains & had those same 300g of carbs but weighing 12lbs less! I’m reverse dieting again now & hoping to really optimize my metabolic capacity & who wouldn’t want to eat wayyy more food? :)

      Layne is truly awesome! There are no words to describe how great he is, very helpful & kind!! Keep those vlogs coming!

      P.S. Looooove the whiteboard! Helps alot for us visual learners ;)

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    • Michael

      I’m wondering, should you put your calories (macros) on the same amount for every day? So, i have quite some differences in energy expenditure. One day i’m doing really nothing, the next day will be a real hard leg day. What do you guys think?

      Great video again. Keep it up!

    • Sean Calder

      I agree with most of what you say. Specifically to post w/o, when you change the mileu of the extracellular environment provoked my intense training certain ligand gated channels open, upregulation in specific ion channels, etc. may present an opportunity to consume an excess of carbohydrates based on hormonal influence and an increase in transcription factors. What that number is would suggest. can be extremely variable based on a host of factors. Much more to say, but I’ll hold it there.



      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        well you ‘can’ consume more and maybe they are partitioned slightly better but that doesn’t make them more anabolic… which is the point

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=842902452 Adam Millerchip

      This video came at a really, really good time for me, just started adding a decent amount of carbs back in my diet on the IIFYM principals, actually for once I seem to be dropping body fat at a sustainable rate and seeing a slight increase in muscle mass as well, with my strength continuing to build which dropped heavily when I went low carb for many months. Thanks Layne!

    • Wayne

      Great video……I have watched every video and have learned a lot. Thanks for doing this!

    • Jared

      It would be interesting to hear the mechanisms you feel are behind certain individuals only being able to consume a certain amount of carbs or they gain a lot of weight… 13:34 to 14:15 in the blog … Would an isocaloric increase in an other macro result in the same gain or is it something specific to carbs… If so what are those mechanisms that cause them to gain weight at an increased rate…? I know you are busy so maybe someone else can answer OR it can be part of a future blog!

      Thanks for all the free info!!

    • http://www.criticalbenchreviews.com/ Tim D

      Layne, Thanks man for taking the effort to put in all this in video format. Guys like me need to actually see things to learn. Your videos are something I look forward too. Great stuff as always.

    • Marissa M

      Excellent vlog as always Layne, the information has been refreshing and inspiring. I have only recently started closely monitoring my macros and found there is far too much non-evidence based data out there. Regarding carb intake and post work out nutrition, I have never fully been confident as to what is the optimal composition of carbs/protein is so this was very insightful. I am sick and tired of inaccurate rubbish nutrition advise from those completely unqualified/uneducated cashing in on vulnerable people, your information is a breath of fresh air in an industry that has become, unfortunately, a bit of a joke. Thankyou for sharing this information and for your balanced, evidence based explanation. Congratulations on your beautiful baby boy as well.

    • http://www.katiemorris.net Katie Morris

      Great video with great content Layne. Thanks for keeping these going, especially now that you have little Robert around:-) Hope all is well. Katie.

    • http://www.ontheregimen.com Mike Vacanti

      Thanks for the video layne – good stuff.

      Any way you could link that study on prisoners?


    • Kristin Hershman

      Fantastic as usual! I loved when you said, “just tell me what I want to know!” It’s so true! I watched you help Isabella train for her show on BB.com and I noticed how you were able to see how her body responded to her carb intake and how you were able to tweak it as she progressed to meet her needs. It is not a “one size fits all” approach…darn it! Because what I really want is for you to “just tell me what I want to know!” Which is, what will work for me? And I know you can’t answer that but these videos are helping to educate me and perhaps I will figure out what I need to know! Thank you for sharing your expertise!

    • craig bradley

      layne Norton for president ! is all I can say

    • Alyssa Wunderlich

      Great video! Makes me wonder if I am eating too little carbs. Ive been trying to lose fat for a while. I am 20-year-old college athlete, 6 feet tall, and weight train regularly. Right now I weigh about 190 lbs. I eat about 50 g of fat, 115 g of protein, and around 100 g of carbs per day. Any suggestions on what I may need to tweak to start losing?

      • Bob

        Ummm… Watch the video. And if you need more help, watch layne’s other videos.

      • Bob

        First thing you can start doing is to up your protein to 1.0 g per lb of body weight. That’s the first place I might think of adding calories in to your diet, purely out of necessity for muscle protein synthesis.

    • whitemamba46 (Twitter)

      Another great video, thanks for you insight and common sense in pointing out metabolism is not a static thing and neither is carb intake.

    • Nurul haque

      Interesting video – been also watching Darin Steen who is another natural athlete.

    • Adventure Girl

      June 28th – that’s my birthday!! :)

    • Breanne

      So for someone who is just starting lifting for body composition vs. always being more focused on general health, strength and more cardio-based work outs, how do you normally recommend they figure out their macros? I feel like I may fall into the category of too low…Been shooting for 74g/day because I want to loose about 10 lbs of fat and build muscle. How exactly do you recommend starting the metabolism healing process?

    • Jessie greco

      Just wanted to say thank you for such great videos! I don’t think enough people talk about post show binge/ metabolic damage . Keep the videos coming :)

    • Dee

      Is all this info. related to bodybuilding/competing, etc…just wondering as an average lady who is messed up metabolism, gut health and hormones..never a bodybuilder and currently too chronically fatigued to exercise or function. underweight, very poor bowel and gut health, but “binging” late night every night…

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=586295831 Princess Eddywana Small

      I’m a woman. I am BULKING! ^_^

    • Dustin

      Just wanted to offer a belated congrats on the birth of your son, I didnt even know you guys were expecting. :) Congrats to you both hope all is well.

    • http://theaipaproject.com/ Daniel

      Aloha Coach Layne,

      awesome video and amazing information. I actually took notes. I realized you were using a white board and I’m sure you use them quite often on your own. I’m much more of a visual learner – don’t know if you ever thought of using diagrams more but here’s an article I think you might find interesting for how to add white board diagrams to your videos so you don’t have to stand up and not really see what you are doing. Aloha and mahalo for all the information.

    • Mickey

      Hi Dr. Layne Norton,

      I just watched the video and it was great and very helpful. I have a quick question though, how would you know exactly how much carbs each individual should consume? for example, I used to consume about 220g of carbs when I was cutting at about 2200 kcals per day but now I’m consuming about 300g of carbs at about 2700kcals per day, however, my weight stay pretty much the same at about 69-70kg but definitely can see that the definitions are slowly fading away as I’m increasing my calories intake. Is that mean my metabolism is adapting to higher carbs intake?

      Best regards,


    • http://bodynsoil.com/blog/ Bodynsoil

      I’ve come back to this video multiple times and shared often as it is full of great insight and information. I’m hoping to share this with a few clients and wondered if you had this talk and also the first, #9, transcribed somewhere as well.

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    • Bobby

      Greetings,Mr. Norton !

      I want to ask you – if there’s a slight difference between protein and protein + carbs after workout,isn’t using just protein better,because when we ingest carbs and spike the insulin,the growth hormone decreases ? I know that protein spikes insulin too,but not as much as protein +carbs.What do you think ? Sorry if it’s a stupid question,but I’m a recent follower of science studies and etc. , but long time follower of yours :)

    • Elijah Miller

      Very good information layne. Your blog posts have always been very useful for me and easily understandable.