• BioLayne Video Log 6 – Mr. Olympia Week

    Posted In: Appearances  /  Posted On: 10.06.12

    As many of you know, I was brought to this year’s Olympia by bodybuilding.com to host the webcast broadcast of the Olympia along with Larry Pepe. Isabel and I arrived a week early to see some friends and have some fun first, so we decided to make a long video log of it. In it you will see plenty of foolery including me trolling the hoover damn, kicking it around on the golf course with a special guest/former rock star, and kicking it with the guys at the Scivation booth in the expo. You will also find more serious stuff like an excerpt from a speech I gave to a room full of about 50-60 physicians on nutrition at Valley Hospital in Vegas, and of course backstage footage from the Mr. Olympia!


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