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Bodybuilding is my passion and before I decided to compete I had been training for many years building a foundation with the idea of entering a contest one day. The day came in 2007 when I made the decision to do my first contest however I knew that I would need guidance because coaching in my opinion has an enormous role in an athlete’s development. Finding the right Coach was a pretty easy task for me, in my mind nobody could take the place of Dr. Layne Norton. His extensive knowledge in nutrition and training plus his experience with hundreds of other clients as a prep coach made him the ideal coach that would help me move in the direction I wanted to go. With only 6 weeks Layne was able to adjust my nutrition/workout plan and transform my body helping me win my first bodybuilding contest. It’s been a few years now and I am still under Layne’s guidance.  Thanks to him not only I have taken my physique to another different level but also I have achieved one of my lifetime goals; to become a Professional Natural Bodybuilder!  In addition after winning my pro-card he pushed me to compete at my first pro-show where I was able to win my Class!  Certainly something that I never thought would be possible.  Years later he once again helped me achieve what I felt was impossible, winning the overall at a WNBF pro show! Now we are working toward some bigger plans and goals and I am sure that with his help, support and unmatched knowledge everything can be possible. Hiring Layne was the smartest decision I have made to propel my bodybuilding career. Anyone who is serious about bodybuilding should have a coach and there is no match for Dr. Layne Norton. Coach Thank you so much for all your help and support I am forever grateful to be part of your Team.

Francisco Montealegre

WNBF Pro Bodybuilder

I am not your typical client. I am a 33 year old mother of three little girls (3, 5, and 8) and when I am not busy wearing the hat of a cook, maid, taxi driver, or circus director- I am helping my husband manage our engineering firm. This is just a brief insight to my life, but it’s not the part of “not your typical” client I am referring to. I have another story to tell and it’s not one that most people talk about … I suffered from an eating disorder known as anorexia. I spent over a decade fighting the scale, the mirror, and the image I had in my head of what my body should look like. I have weighed as high as 185lbs and as little as 89lbs. However, I use the term “suffered” because not only did I win the fight- I kicked it in the face. In 2010 I found myself on the weight room floor and I haven’t looked back since. To make a long story short, I competed in my first NPC figure competition in October of 2010 and I won my IFBB pro card at the Team Universe national competition in July of 2011. Ironically, it was during this time that I got to know Layne very well through hours of watching his videos and reading his articles- And ultimately, myself and my coach(at that time) decided to use his peak week for my Team Universe competition which helped me  achieve an enormous victory.  I was fortunate enough to finally meet Layne and Isabel and I knew within seconds that I wanted to be on their team.  I’ve never told Layne this, but because of my history with my eating disorder I am extremely guarded with my trust-  handing over the rights to someone else to make decisions regarding my physique is a very big deal to me, but with Layne I never second guessed it and that speaks volumes about his character. Layne and Isabel have helped me get through some very tough times as recently lost my father. Not only was his loss unexpected, it happened 3 weeks before my pro debut. I can honestly say that having Layne in my corner gave me the push that I needed to dig deep and finish strong- I could not have done it without him. I continued to use that energy to compete at the New York Pro just weeks later and again, Layne was there EVERY step of the way.

Although I started competing two years ago, my journey in this sport is just beginning and I am beyond proud to share with others that Layne Norton is my coach. Layne and Isabel are a breath of fresh air to the industry and as long as they are in my corner… I know I will always finish strong.


Brooke Erickson

IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

Working with Layne Norton was the best decision I have ever made.

Before/After Comparison (Eating more and with less bodyfat)

I wanted to challengeDavina comparison myself and try my luck at competing, I have never had the desire to step on stage but after attending Olympia 2013 I thought it would be a good goal to have.
I was VERY sceptical as all I had heard was other girls horror stories, and it really made me think twice about what I was getting myself into. The last thing I wanted was to develop an unhealthy relationship with food or worse yet a serious eating disorder. As a young girl in this day and age we already have so many self esteem issues and most of the time when we think we are “bettering” ourselves we end up just doing more damage.
Much to my surprise my prep was so smooth, I was eating more than I ever have before, consistently dropping body fat and still enjoying the foods I loved to eat. My journey was so far from a horror story, in fact working with Layne has completely changed my life! I am fitter, stronger and healthier than I ever have been before. Not to mention I managed to get 3rd place in my first competition , 2nd place in my second competition and take the title of Australian Junior Bikini Champion in my third competition – All without depleting myself from carbs, having to take diuretics and doing endless hours of cardio!! Layne gave me the upmost support and guidance throughout my prep and I could not be happier with my final result, I recommend Layne to absolutely EVERYONE. Thank you coach for changing my life, you really are stuck with me now!
Davina Rankin

Davina Rankin

As my college graduation was getting closer to completion, so were my football days.  I felt the urge to satisfy my competitive edge and decided to register for my first bodybuilding show.  I immediately became a student of the sport and started my research on Natural Bodybuilding and became easily drawn to Dr. Layne Norton. I began researching Layne’s work and learned as much as I could in my college courses directed at different training methods and nutrition. It was then that Dr. Norton became my Bodybuilding inspiration.

I prepped myself for my first bodybuilding show back in 2010 using a lot of Layne’s articles. Twelve weeks later I won the overall at my very first bodybuilding show. This would not have been possible without the knowledge I had absorbed from Layne. Traveling down my road into Natural bodybuilding my soul mate would enter my life and change it forever. Tanya is also a former athlete with a competitive nature and shared a similar healthy lifestyle.  Tanya became my best friend within a very short time and I started to share my knowledge that I had acquired with her as she also had a dream to compete.  I remember the moment when she saw her first Natural Magazine and was in complete awe of the amazing Patricia Beckman and Terri McBee, saying “you can accomplish that natural?” She was sold! 

 The dream we both held then became OUR dream within a short eight month time span.  When I thought I was done with competing at the end of 2010, IFPA Figure pro Nicole Weeks motivated me to compete in my first pro qualifier. To my surprise, I won my NGA pro card that day, but the greatest prize was getting the opportunity to meet and chat with Layne. After the show I called Tanya to tell her the news, 1 week later we would start our life together.

Tanya and I decided to compete together in 2012 after taking some time away and improving our physiques and we both were extremely interested in hiring Layne. Tanya was also drawn to Layne’s endless knowledge and work ethic in the field of nutrition and metabolism, and we knew it would be a great fit for us. The two of us were breaking personal records every week in the gym, lifting more weight than in the off season and feeling great while doing it.  Working with Layne, we not only fine tuned our bodies and got to understand how the body works more effectively, but also were able to gain so much strength mentally!  Tanya has struggled with her confidence over the years and Layne and Isabel were able to let her see the sense of accomplishment and enable her the courage to get on stage.  There is something about Layne and Isabel Norton that make you want to drive hard and succeed in every aspect of life.  We know in our hearts that without the guidance and support of Team Norton, we would not have succeeded in our personal goals, nor would we have gained an amazing friendship.


William Grazione

IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

I contacted Layne when my body was not responding from a short offseason. I did 6 competitions in 2012 from March to November, Modeland 3 in 2011. My old coach kept telling me to keep competing because I was SO close so many times of getting that pro card. Getting 2nd at Jr. Nationals in 2012 was the closest. My body rebounded after doing 1.5hours of cardio daily and dieting hard for 2 years. I stopped doing cardio the end of 2012 as I was mentally and physically exhausted and burnt out. Of course I gained weight. Going from 108 to 123 in 3 months. I would never have recommend ANY client do competitions this often, I knew better, but my old coach kept encouraging it. When it came time for me to start my prep again, I went from 1800 calories to 1300 calories and 30 min of cardio to 70 min a day (no I was not cheating on anything) in a 7 week period. I knew I was in trouble because I only lost 2 lbs. I was done, I knew I needed a coach to tell me to STOP! And Layne did that for me. Layne told me what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear.  I decided to hire him, we reversed dieted me for 8 or so months. I went from 100g carbs to 335g. And 35g fat to 70g. Weight went from 125 lbs to 135 lbs. 
We did one mini cut during my off season where I easily lost those extra 10 lbs but with no sacrifice of any kind. Then I was back to my 125 but with completely different shape from when I started with him. Then I reverse dieted again only gaining 2 lbs going back up to 275g carbs. 
It was time to start my competition prep. If was by best prep I have ever had. I didn’t lose any strength. I got down to 85g of carbs on my first prep with him weighing 115 lbs doing hiit 4x a week with 2 30 min moderate cardio.  I won the figure overall at that show.  We then I had 7 weeks until my next comp. We reverse dieted for 4 weeks and cut for only 3 weeks and were able to drop down to a much tighter physique at 113 lbs while lowest we had to take carbs was 95g doing only hiit only 3x a week. 
Progress pic 2013-2014
Now that my competitions are finished, I am reverse dieting and looking forward to working with him for my future diet preps. He is no nonsense. No squeems, no food restrictions, minimal cardio, and no diuretics! That means: no binging, no rebounding, just living a healthy lifestyle staying lean. He allows heavy lifting, deads, squats, Pendlay rows, etc. The type of lifting I enjoy. He is such a supportive coach. He helped me bring my best to the stage. One day I will reach my personal goal. 
Kelly Hater

Kelly Hater

Initially, I had discovered Layne on the forums at the Muscular Development website. It took me 2 years to finally follow through and work with him! I am a fitness model and competitor and have always got into great shape for shows and photo shoots.
In 2012 however, things were taking a turn. I was dieting hard and doing my cardio like I always had but was dropping minimal body fat at a slow rate. I was getting very concerned not knowing what to do. I knew it had to do with my metabolism, but didn’t know how to fix it. This is where Layne comes in! Layne not only works with you but TEACHES you how to incorporate certain foods which makes dieting healthier, more enjoyable and efficient.
I cannot thank Layne enough for everything he has taught me. Layne’s version of preparing for a show or photo shoot is completely different than anything I have done before. You really do get to select what you eat. He is very prompt with answering any questions you may have which is just another amazing quality that you will get working with him.
This season Layne has prepped me for a few photo shoots and I am so proud to have landed my first Oxygen Magazine cover with his help and guidance! Thank you Layne!!

Rachel Davis

Fitness Model

I had competed in several shows before I decided to work with Layne. I even placed well, IMG_8302winning my 1st Open men’s show taking the Light heavyweight class in 2004. The last show I competed in was 2008 at a bodyweight of 197lbs. After dieting with typical foods and disliking every minute of eating only certain foods I had no desire to compete again. The thought of another boiled yam with bland chicken or Egg whites day in and out made me want to vomit!

I had not heard of Layne until 2010-11(I was hiding under a rock apparently!) when I began to work with Ben Pakulski. Ben spoke of Layne’s knowledge in nutrition and how I could eat all foods while dieting. This began to interest me so I started to read up on everything Layne! The more I read about Layne and his work the more I realized that I may be able to compete again and with the foods I enjoy. All the things I disliked about competing were not necessary to endure. I actually didn’t have to suffer and that I could achieve unmatched conditioning while being healthy, guilt-free and happy!!

Finally in 2013 I felt I had to get the help of a professional like Layne in order to fulfill my goal of stepping on stage again. I needed his nutrition and training expertise in order to achieve my goal of competing in a yet to be determined show in 2014. I felt I had many areas I needed to improve so we worked on them for several months. Under the guidance of Layne I feel I was definitely able to achieve the goals we set. I had gained strength and size in all areas while eating a ton of great food over the 8 months. Not to mention I achieved this while remaining lean! We decided on a May 2014 show and at 6 weeks out I began my prep! I had maintained a low enough body comp that I didn’t have to endure 12 IMG_8296or 16 weeks of hell and/or suffering in order to look great. I wanted to ensure I was doing the entire contest prep process with precision and intelligence while still maintaining my health. I competed in May 2014 achieving my heaviest stage weight of 211lbs with unmatched conditioning and muscularity! Amazingly this was all achieved while drinking water, having sodium and eating foods I loved. The only suffering I endured was not coming in 1st place, although Top 3 isn’t bad! I prefer to let pictures tell the story; they say pictures are worth a thousand words!!

Layne has helped me achieve the best physique of my life without the sacrifice of a typical contest prep. I did very little cardio and never felt like I was ever “dieting”. He answered any and all questions I had promptly. He showed me success without rigid meal times or specific foods! I was able to maintain a normal life while training and working. I look forward to continued success with Layne in the future and will always be grateful for his knowledge and guidance. You can say I am ‘Team Norton’ 4 LIFE!!

Peter Haitas


Peter Haitas

Working with Layne truly has is one of the biggest blessings in my life. 

I have been an active physique competitor since 2009, but I have been a fitness fanatic since my early college days;   I sought out fitness as an outlet to relieve the stress and anxiety of my daily life and to find balance.  I battled incredible self-esteem issues and body image issues, and learning to love a strong, healthy me helped me overcome those things.  Eventually, my love for fitness turned into a love for weight training, and the natural progression of things lead me to discover bodybuilding.  When I initially began competing, I did some of the insane things that people do: crazy amounts of steady state cardio, near starvation diets, monotonous “meal plans”, and a list of supplements a mile long.   As I continued in this sport, I realized that the healthy, balanced life I’d sought so many years ago was becoming distorted and lost.  I hated “offseason me” and loved the unsustainable “competition me”.  I began to do my research, took control of my own prep, and changed my methods, but I still wasn’t achieving what I believed to be my best, nor was I able to find a solid middle ground between prep and offseason.   I still didn’t have balance.  At this point in my life, as a self-employed wife, mother, and women’s minister and life coach, balance is crucial.

Last year, through the generosity of a friend, I was given the opportunity to work with Layne on a 12 week nutrition and training program.  I had been searching for a coach – someone who cared about me, my goals, and my health – but I hadn’t found anyone that I could trust 110%.  I knew of Layne (who doesn’t?!) but always felt he was just too good for someone of my caliber, so to be given the opportunity to work with him was a beyond exciting for me!  I was blown away after the first two weeks.   I was eating foods that I had previously considered “not allowed”, I was training the way I wanted to (heavy!), and I was eating…A LOT!    I was getting leaner each week while the amount of food I was eating was increasing, and I was setting PRs on lifts I hadn’t been successful on in months.    I decided to ask Layne to help me prep for the 2013 Team Universe, and I stepped on that stage looking my all-time best – with so little cardio that I’m not sure it even counted and so much food that I’m not sure I was truly “dieting”.   He answered every email promptly, even with his client load and busy personal life, and he was the epitome of a “coach” – tough love when it was necessary, listening ear when I needed it, and encouragement when I was down.   I know his first priority is always my health, and my athletic and fitness goals are secondary. 

Layne has helped me find that balance I have so desperately sought and changed my life.  I’m not consumed with hours of training or a rigid “meal plan”.   I enjoy every-day life with my family and friends while successfully pursuing my fitness goals, and that is worth more than any plastic trophy, stage shot, or title.  It’s priceless, and I’m on Team Norton for life!

Felicia Hewitt

photo credit: RX Muscle


Felicia Hewitt

I contacted Dr. Norton because I had plans of competing this summer and wanted to nationally qualify; what I got out of his coaching has been so much more than that. Within a year we have transformed my physique, improved my metabolism and most importantly, given me a new outlook on competing and my overall health.

Several months of reverse dieting and limited cardio duringJB5_8246_ATMAURWYCP my offseason let me continue competing through the end of this year. With Dr. Norton’s expertise, we increased my calories exponentially while limiting weight gain and I was able to prep for Nationals without EVER starving myself and no more than two HIIT sessions a week.

By far the most notable aspects of working with Dr. Norton are his customized plans, flexibility and utmost concern for you the client. No email goes unanswered, no question ignored and everything is up for discussion. I compete in figure but I love powerlifting so we write training programs tailored towards both. I am a student so we tweak contest prep macros and refeeds to fit my hectic schedule. The list goes on but one thing is certain; you will not find another coach out there who is so willing to take into consideration your input and personalize your plan the way that Dr. Norton does!

Laurin “LoCo” Conlin

Laurin Conlin

I have known Layne, the “Architect”, as I refer to him, for nearly 10yrs. I was initially impressed with his pursuit of knowledge/education, even as a teenager. Nearly a decade later he is a PhD and top coach. Layne’s education and background not only assisted him in his accomplishments in the field of Natural Bodybuilding (“NB”) but it also gives him Creditability. This along with his practical experience makes Layne an extremely valuable resource that I encourage any competitive or potentially competitive bodybuilder to utilize.

Moreover, there are a number of young bodybuilders that “look-up” to Layne, which carries an enormous responsibility. Accordingly, he leads by example (you lead not only by words but actions), encouraging those new to the sport or even season veterans to continue to read & research and make conscious choices. Although he is a stanch supporter of NB, he makes no moral judgment of those that make choices counter to his beliefs as it relates to NB. Further, he recently encouraged, without being preachy, a competitor to pursue the ‘Natural’ course.

Although his time is limited due to his own business ventures, he continues to assist those interested in NB. Layne has become a [voice] in promoting ‘Natural Bodybuilding’, from his video series “Inside the Life of a Natural Pro”, interviews promoting the sport, assisting at many contests, to the numerous emails that he answers on a daily basis, stressing the benefits of Natural Bodybuilding.

Speaking from personal experience and admittedly bias, I found working w/Layne to be enlightening and an eye opening experience. The experience has shown me a different perspective from my preconceived notions of ‘Competitive Bodybuilding’, to a new found respect for those that have the courage and determination to become competitive bodybuilders. I’m fortunate enough, thanks to Layne, to join the ranks of many and be considered a competitive natural bodybuilder.

Flynn Sneed

IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

Signing on to work with Layne was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Even though I loved training, for years I struggled yo-yo dieting and had attempted to compete 3 times without success. As an incredibly busy mother, wife and business owner; I knew that if I wanted to achieve my dream, I had to find a different way than multiple cardio sessions, restrictive low-carb diets and a constant feeling of exhaustion – and then I found Layne.

It is clear from the first contact that you are receiving individualized attention and that your nutrition and cardio plan is based on your exact requirements. Whenever I had a question it was answered quickly, professionally and at all times I felt confident that I was getting the right advice for me specifically.

Layne’s personal experience with competing himself, along with his PhD in Nutritional Sciences is a rare combination. When you combine this with his genuine interest in providing you with a service that fits your needs, and gives you optimal results that allows a balanced approach to what previously was an all-consuming activity – it is easy to see why he has a very long client list of exceptionally happy and healthy athletes.

Thank you so much Layne, for helping me to achieve my dream!

Jill Taylor

Working with Layne Norton was one of the best decisions I had ever made. I had a big international competition imagecoming up and I needed to be ready.
As an online coach myself I had followed Layne’s work for a very long time and I had implemented some of his techniques during the year on myself. I put myself in a great position however I wanted a closer eye on exactly what I was doing.
The plan I was given was simple to follow, easy to implement and Layne was always on hand to answer any questions. It was a fantastic investment for my competition. All that hard work over the previous year and this coaching process put my mind at ease. Knowing I would look my very best on stage.
Everything I could have wanted to know was in that plan. I followed the plan to the letter and was very similar to what I was doing before so it fit my lifestyle perfectly.
Peak week came. I looked different every day to Layne’s prediction. I was over the moon. I came into my competition looking amazing. Lean, muscular and with everything on show.
The most important thing for me was after the contest. Because of how easy my prep was, I didn’t need to binge, I didn’t crave any food. Layne’s gave me guidance on reverse dieting and I have been following this for a week already. I intend to keep going with this programme. So next year’s competing will be easier and easier.
Really hope I can work with Layne again in the future and can’t recommend him enough.
I would recommend Layne to anyone & I hope to work with him again in the future.

Stephen Box

To put it simply, working with Layne has forever positively changed my life.

hotel shotFrom 2011 to 2012 I hired a very well known IFBB Pro Figure Competitor to coach me for my competition.  To make a long story short, by the time contest day came, I was eating nothing but white fish and broccoli.  No seasonings, no water, and no salt was aloud.  I was also taking diuretics.   During the prep I was also doing 2-3 hours of cardio a day and a “high carb” day was considered 2 servings of oatmeal.  I was able to get pretty lean but felt constantly sick.  I qualified for nationals, which was 2 weeks away.  Again, I endured the same regimen, but this time I noticed I was gaining weight.  I stepped on stage about 7 lbs of fat heavier.  I was accused of cheating by my coach.  I knew something was wrong.  After some research, I emailed Layne.


I believe that he saved my health.  I have worked with Layne since July professional shotof 2012.  He was able to mend my metabolism during the offseason and while I “dieted” for my next competition, I almost felt as though it was too easy!  I did a fraction of the cardio, ate about twice as much, and I was still able to come in my leanest ever!  What he has done for me mentally, physically, and emotionally is priceless.

Layne always was there anytime I had questions, concerns, or was just sending my weekly check-in.  Though Layne is very busy, his quick responses showed me that I was a priority and that he sincerely cared.  Working with Layne has been a true blessing for me, and I absolutely highly recommend him.



Alexandria Mossbarger

I am a member of Team Norton and have been working with Layne for five months now.  In 2006 I started competing in figure competitions.  I tried to do my diet and training alone and struggled to find what worked for my body best every time.  In August of 2008 I began working with Layne because he came highly recommended from my training partner.  It was the best decision I have ever made in my competition career!  He helped guide me to a class victory at my show.

Layne is incredibly attentive, every time I had a concern about anything he answered back almost immediately. I am impressed with his knowledge in every aspect of competition from dieting to posing.  It is easy to respect Layne because he is a competitor himself. He knows what its like to feel the emotional ups and downs of cutting for a show.  We started out as a client and trainer and ended up becoming friends. Layne really cares about his clients and their success because after all, we are the examples of his great work.

Thank you Layne

Alanna Lynch

Bodybuilding has been a part of my life since high school. I discovered the physiques of Arnold and others in the pages of bodybuilding magazines and decided I wanted to change the way I looked. As a 17 year old I forged myself the best I could for several years. Often times I would become frustrated with the sport and take a sabbatical. During a particular good stretch I discovered Layne’s video series featuring natural bodybuilding caught my attention and I felt like a kid discovering the sport all over again. I had been training for over ten years now but the idea of competing had never entered my mind. After reading everything I could by Layne and incorporating it into my lifting, nutrition and philosophies I began to see real results again. This was about the time I decided I would compete.

Of course the first person I contacted about contest prep was Layne. I received an email back almost immediately and so began my journey to the stage. My first goal was to enter a local NPC competition and enter the Novice class. As a life time drug free competitor I knew I would eventually compete on the drug tested stage but for my first show Novice would be fine. After consulting with Layne on training and nutrition I found myself using his PowerHypertrophy training split and diet philosophy. My diet lasted 18 weeks and I stepped on stage at the 2008 Mid Florida Muscle Classic knowing I looked my best ever. I ended up winning my class and became hooked.

Over the next 18 months I prepared myself for my next goal. I wanted to earn my Pro card with a natural organization. My goal was the NGA Florida Natural Championships in Coral Springs, Fl. Using Layne’s diet and training year round I found myself improving consistently. I decided to diet for a total of 24 weeks before getting on stage. Layne guided me each week with precision and answering any question I had in a timely manner. On Nov. 7th, 2009 I stepped on stage once again at my all time best and walked away with an overall victory and NGA Pro Card.

Layne backs his approach to bodybuilding and contest prep with experience and proven results. He practices what he preaches and never boasts or brags. This down to earth approach to this sport I love is what keeps me motivated. I know no matter what I do in this sport Layne will always get more and more out of me. He is more than a coach, he is a friend. Now I am looking forward to reaching my next goal with him by my side.

Paul Revelia

IFPA Pro Bodybuilder

I started lifting weights, messing around really, at the age of 15 and all through high school I actually enjoyed lifting weights. Nutrition-wise, I had the typical high-school-kid-diet mainly eating everything and anything.  This behavior of lifting and eating continued through college as I actually enjoyed lifting weights. Then graduate school, marriage, kids, work, career, and starting business ventures long story short I ballooned up to 271lbs at my heaviest, which is not the most aesthetic thing when one stands only 5’8″. I did what most people do, researched on the internet. I managed to diet and exercise down to about 190lbs, but definitely hit a plateau in the 187-190lbs range.

This is when I stumbled across one of Layne’s clients who stated, “…because of Layne Norton my metabolism is the shiznit…” So I emailed Layne, and literally quoted this line from the forum “shiznit” and all… As a result he helped be literally drop from the 187-190lbs. range to 175lbs!!! The lightest I’ve ever been in my entire adult life.  But I felt, really, really, really skinny!!!!!!!!  Then the next phase of working with Layne started at 175lbs, Mass gain!

During this mass gaining phase, we evaluated my weak points which were mainly shoulders and arms, but in all honesty I think my entire upper body gets dwarfed by my lower body.  So Layne’s exercise protocol involved a tailored approach that still allows me to workout my lower body in tandem with bringing up my lagging upper body to hopefully achieve a more balanced, proportional physique. 

Layne’s nickname is the “Physique Architect,” and to be honest when I first read that I thought that that was probably marketing hype. Well, it’s not. Not only did he assisted in leaning me out, when we transitioned into the mass gaining phase, I did not get overly fat. The following sets of pictures are a testament to that.

Now that I’ve been working with Layne, everything seems to be quicker and flow much easier in the sense that I’m not messing things up trying “different things out.” I mean I would have never nailed the reverse diet at all, and I believe that’s what help me transition into my mass gaining phase while staying relatively lean while “fixing my metabolism.”

…that alone was worth its weight in gold!

Ninh Nguyen, PhD

Dr. Ninh Nguyen

 I began working with Layne in May 2009. After having 3 pervious contest prep coaches, all whom held the same typical protocol of a starvation style diet, and excessive cardio, I was on a mission to find a coach who had different philosophies and strategies.

I had been doing my research, and knew of Layne since meeting him at the 2007 OCB Midwest States show in Dekalb IL. I learned more about him through his many articles and videos on,this had then sealed the decision for me.

I found his approach to be very realistic, and loved that I had the freedom to choose my own foods and create my own menus, and not have to eat the same thing day in and day out. Everything was done in a healthy and balanced fashion, with lots of variety, the way it should be. I also appreciated his cardio regime, and I didn’t have to obsess over endless sessions, and when I was going to fit it all in. I hardly felt like I was “dieting” as I typically would incorporate these food even if I wasn’t prepping for a show.

Laynes prompt responses when contacting him were also very impressive to me. Whether I just needed a question answered or I was updating him with my weekly check in, he always responded ASAP, and that is very refreshing, and was just another indicator that he truly cares.

I went on to compete in the 2009 INBF west coast classic pro qualifier championships, bringing with me my best physique to date. I walked away with the overall figure award, and new WNBF pro title.

I have learned so much from Layne over the years, and highly recommend him to anyone willing to work hard, and who wants to be their absolute best all while being guided  by the best coach in the business. I am happy to have found a coach I can now stick with and one who truly cares about my success.

Shianne Behan

IFPA Figure Pro

Choosing Layne as my diet and training coach was the best decision I have ever made. I chose to work with him because I was ready to take my body to the next level. Within a week of working with him, I actually decided to enter my first bikini competition and set up a photo shoot in three months time. I absolutely love Layne’s approach to eating. Being able to make my own meal plan to fit my food preferences was the best part. As long as I stuck to my macros, I could fit in all of my favorite foods. Throughout the prep, Layne was always by my side. After sending him an email, I would hear back from him within hours. I never felt deprived and in fact, I have never felt better.

Layne has not only changed me physically, but also mentally.  I can look in the mirror and feel PROUD of what’s in front of me; something that has taken many years to achieve.  I am leaner, tighter, and stronger.  Better yet, I now have the right tools for success that will serve me for life.

I now have a competition and photo shoot done and another big photo shoot in a few months and I could not have done any of this without the help of Layne. He’s truly got that magical touch!

Carrie McMahon

In March of 2007 I happened to run into Layne and his wife Isabel at the Arnold Classic Expo.  I could have stood there all day and talked with Layne.  I was amazed at how knowledgeable he was about bodybuilding, metabolism and protein utilization.  I decided to hire Layne to help me with my off-season diet and workouts.

In the time that I have been working with Layne, I have seen huge improvements.  He increased my metabolism and changed my thinking that carbohydrates are the enemy!  In my off-season I was taking in close to 300g of carbohydrates (I’m 5′ 9″ and weigh 142lb) and was staying lean.  His workout programs have helped me to break through plateaus and set some personal records.  (It’s not every day you see a figure girl dumbbell rowing 90lb dumbbells for reps!!!)  

I had Layne help me with my pre-contest diet and training for the 2008 and 2009 contest seasons and I was extremely pleased with the results.  Since my metabolism was so high in the off-season, I never had to drop below 100g of carbohydrates during my contest preparation.  He dieted me slowly, which helped to maintain my muscle mass.  He assessed me weekly through photos sent via email.  And, even though Layne is extremely busy, he always responded to my emails and phone calls as fast as he could.  He really made me feel like I was his top priority.  He helped make all my hard work pay off, after coming in second place several times, I won my natural figure pro card in 2009!

Finally, not only is Layne the best trainer ever, but he is a great friend as well.  I consider Layne my friend first and trainer second.  Thank you Layne and Isabel for everything!  I love you guys!

Carissa Gorham

IFPA Figure Pro

Here is a coach that has that rare combination of brains and brawn, but more importantly, who has done extensive walking down both paths, both with his ongoing research into bodybuilding nutrition and supplementation and with his incredibly disciplined work ethic at the gym and kitchen year-round. He is one of those few who can talk the talk precisely because he has walked the walk, and to this day he continues to walk down both paths as a pioneer to the natural bodybuilding movement.

I cannot stress the importance of having a good coach while preparing for a contest both during the offseason and throughout the long contest prep diet.  By closely following Layne’s nutrition, training, and supplementation recommendations, along with a meticulously formulated peak week plan tailored to my metabolism, I was able to obtain my pro card at my first natural bodybuilding show and then go on to win my weight class at my pro debut!  Needless to say I would not hesitate to work again with Layne, both my coach and friend throughout this journey, as I prepare for my next pro show in a couple of years!

Luis Burgos

WNBF Pro Bodybuilder


First and foremost I’d like to thank you for your help in guiding me to the best shape I have ever been in my life.  The past two years competing I have really struggled with my conditioning, so I turned to you for guidance.  Almost every person I have seen Layne coach has been completely shredded, so I decided that this was the guy I needed in my corner.

At first I have to admit I was skeptical of your techniques, for example HIIT Cardio, not cutting water, etc…  There are many bodybuilding myths out there that you helped me realize were just that.. Myths!  Layne also offers much more of variety of foods to diet on instead of just plain chicken and brown rice all the time!  I never thought I could eat baked chips and be on a diet!  Layne has a very simple approach to dieting and keeps the guess work out.  I guess I always over complicated things and he made them very simple for me.

Peak week was also a breeze, Layne has it down to a science!  I have never been so full, so dry, and so hard!  Layne I can’t thank you enough for your help in getting me the best shape possible and hopefully with your guidance I will be even better!

Shereaf Helmy

It was a true pleasure working with Layne to prepare for my bodybuilding show this summer! He brings a rare combination of an extensive education in nutrition as well as years of his own experience training and competing in all natural bodybuilding shows to the table. I asked Layne to set up a nutrition and training program for me to help me prepare for my competition this summer. I received both of the programs on time and they were very detailed and specific to my needs.
He introduced two new elements to my nutrition and training regimens that enabled me to reach the best physical condition I’ve ever been in! He introduced me to the importance of proper timing for my nutrition and supplementation – and that goes way beyond what is currently understood by the general public these days. And his PHAT (Power, Hypertrophy, Adaptive Training)training program allowed me to achieve that elusive goal of maintaining good muscle size and still getting that ripped definition that’s key for competitions. 
Layne responded to my emails and text messages right away and was always supportive and encouraging even on days when I was doubting myself. He has a good sense of humor too which was most appreciated when I was taking myself too seriously! Over the months I worked with him I also became aware of his strong code of ethics – a refreshing and genuine trait that made working with Layne a real joy for me. I hope to do another show in the near future and will absolutely use Layne again!  I highly recommend him to anyone looking to improve their health and lifestyle – whether you’re considering a competition or have other goals in mind! He is a rare find!

Erika DeJesus