• Interviews from the 2012 International Society of Sports Nutrition

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    Whenever I go to conferences I always pick up a lot of new information.  Obviously the 2012 ISSN conference put out a ton of great info and I was fortunate enough to participate in it, presenting my own research on protein distribution which you can view in this video:

    If you’d like a closer look at my poster you can download it as well

    2012 Layne Norton ISSN Research Poster

    I also came across some really great data from the lab of my good friend, Dr. Jacob Wilson who is a professor at the University of Tampa.  They examined a new form of HMB (free acid) and it’s effects on muscle, strength, and recovery during a overreaching training cycle in well trained individuals.  Their findings were pretty astonishing, see below:

    After talking with Dr. Wilson and his students, it looks like I will be collaborating much more with the University of Tampa lab on future research.

    • Paul

      Great information! Need to balance my protein intake!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003805250726 Alfred Bailey Trevino

      Watched the first video, was surprise with what your data pointed out. Dr. Norton, you mention protein balance, so a person should try to get 1/3 of protein intake breakfast, lunch, and dinner to promote better protein synthesis? Keep them videos coming.

      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        you are taking it too literal. It’s just important to get multiple doses of protein per day and realize that you can’t make up for low protein at one meal by having more at another.

        • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003805250726 Alfred Bailey Trevino

          Thanks, for the reply Dr. Norton.

        • Gavin Hemmerlein

          Admittedly, I haven’t had a chance to watch the video so this may be addressed, but doesn’t that just make sense, though?

          When you think about muscle protein synthesis and the point of wanting to keep that at optimum levels throughout the day with leucin intake, that should say that protein intake should be spaced out or kept flowing throughout the 24 hour period.

          I don’t see how anybody would question this….

        • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

          well you don’t want to eat too often either, that will actually cause a refractory response and be suboptimal as well. But what this data shows is that multiple protein rich meals are certainly better than a single for stimulating MPS

        • ProudDaddy

          So, how long should I wait between threshold doses to avoid the refractory response? (I’m one of those people who can better control total intake via a smaller feeding window.) Thanks for all your knowledgable comments.

    • http://pctips4all.com Scott Lewis


      Man, that is some awesome information about spreading my protein throughout the day! It is always amazing to me how much science there is behind bodybuilding.

      Thanks for sharing it in a way we can all understand. You definitely have that gift.

      I am pumped that you are doing these videos Layne. You are a huge support to many people.

      Have a great rest of the week!


      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        Thank you Scott!

    • Benjamin Lim

      Another great post Dr.Layne.

      This is amazing and I hope there will be more of these in the future. :)

      Keep up the good work and the amazing research discoveries.

      Have a great day!

    • Mikael Larsson

      For someone who’s been on IF for almost a year now this is definitely food for thought. I’m entering a stage where caloric restriction and hunger control is less of an issue, and gaining muscle mass is becoming the focus of my diet, and it looks like to that end I should start distributing my proteins more evenly.

      Do you still feel that IF is a good model for carb distribution?

      P.S: thanks for making my days at the office that much more enjoyable!

      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        I think it has some reasonable application for reducing bodyfat, but I do believe that you can get most if not all the benefits from IF simply by intermittently consuming carbs. Protein only meals are not going to disrupt the improvement in insulin sensitivity IMO based on the data Dr. Suzanne Devkota and Dr. Dee Walker collected in our lab while we did our PhD’s together.

        • Mikael Larsson

          That’s exactly the adjustment I had in mind, adding a protein only breakfast.

          How much difference in muscle mass did the increased MPS result in over the course of your experiment?

        • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

          just under 10% difference in muscle weight over 11 weeks

        • Mikael Larsson

          10% in 11 weeks is substantial. Thank you Layne.

        • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

          since it was in rats I will say 11 weeks is a longer portion of their life comparative to humans, but the most drastic changes were seen in the first 20 days

    • http://www.exercisebiology.com Anoop

      Great new website and nice video!

      The only thing that I think we should be cautious is that this study was done in rats, right? And especially with Intermittent fasting diets I am not sure how important this strategy is.

      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        Anoop, our model in rats has been validated many times over. The rat is a very suitable animal model for protein synthesis. Should it be repeated in humans? absolutely. But dismissing a study merely because it was done in rats is a gross overreaction. If that was the case then we should invalidate virtually all medical advances in the last century because the majority started in animals. I said nothing about intermittant fasting in the video, this is about protein distribution, something I am interested in. I have no idea why everyone associated with intermittent fasting is getting bent out of shape considering I never said one word about intermittent fasting in the video or in anywhere in the poster/paper

        • http://www.exercisebiology.com Anoop

          Hi Layne,

          Thanks for the quick reply.

          If you notice, I didn’t mean to dismiss the study. I wrote we just have to be ‘cautious and “I am not sure” which I think you would agree too.

          Rat studies only gives a good hypothesis to move forward to human studies. It may pan out or may not in humans.

          I just mentioned IF because people are doing fine with just skipping meals. Maybe this strategy might be important for bodybuilders, but as I said how important this is for general population is unsure.

        • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

          Anoop, I do think that IF is probably good for some people who have difficulty with traditional dieting. However based on the threshold data I’ve been seeing I don’t think it’s going to be optimal for those looking to maximize muscle mass. For me I’m always looking to find what’s optimal, so for the average person, maybe not a big deal, for an athlete or bodybuilder might be a very big deal

    • Edward

      Dr. Norton,
      This is some fascinating research, I really appreciate you taking the time to post these videos!
      Your research is definitely interesting and I am eager to see further results on the matter. As you said previously, trials will have to be conducted in humans to get a better idea of applicability. A few questions that popped to mind while watching the video was that exercise would be a powerful anabolic stimulus to shuttle post-exercise nutrients into MPS, obviously, but I wonder if this would provide some equalization between the two groups. It seems that the current models of intermittent fasting bank on this anabolic signal from the workout to improve partitioning of nutrients to muscle recovery. So basically: could exercise equalize or even skew the results to favor protein consumption later in the day? Or did carb back-loading have it right all along? Also, some proteins are known to have considerable insulinogenic properties, such as whey, that I could see may not be optimal for maintaining insulin sensitivity should you chose to spread protein throughout the day. Would leucine/BCAAs be sufficient to produce similar effects as the ones you have seen as to avoid elevating circulating insulin?

      Also the HMB bit was very interesting. Will definitely be keeping an eye out as those publications arise.

      By the way, digging the great new site! Keep up the great work!

      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        Good question Edward, If anything I think resistance training actually lowers the threshold for the anabolic response (see Stuart Phillips’ data). So I don’t think exercise would necessarily change the directionality of the results, though you might see hypertrophy in both groups merely due to the training stimulus, but I still believe that multiple stimulations of protein synthesis per day are going to be superior to a single stimulus due to the ‘anabolic cap’ to a meal and this has been shown in several human studies, particular in Stuart Phillips’ lab who does great work.

        • Edward

          I will definitely look into that research.
          It will be interesting to see whether this scheduling regiment will induce a statistically significant difference between training individuals taking protein throughout the day versus large boluses PWO in terms of LBM (focusing on muscle mass), should such a study be conducted in the future.

          Do you believe dosing BCAAs throughout the day in proportions similar to BCAA content of the whole proteins provided in your study would produce similar effects to whole protein meals?

        • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

          i’m not sure, you’d probably need small amounts of the other EAAs as substrates, but if you had those, I see no reason why it wouldn’t

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=26704607 Joshua Hockett

      Both videos/topics were very week explained Layne! Good to see reports on studies that have real world relevance and application to those in the gym as performance athletes or as physique athletes. Offering take home messages on what was found and what it means for us. The HMB study was of particular interest to me as this is one of the first to look at highly trained subjects vs the traditional novice trainees where only small benefits have been found if any across all subject training ranges that I know of. I am very curious now to see what will happen if the free acid is taken too far out from a workout or……. if it was to be combined with the standard calcium bound HMB. Talk about study heuristic value! This is a gold mine!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=26704607 Joshua Hockett

        *well explained*

    • Les Madore

      I found by topics very interesting. I am getting nauseous with all of the “Broscience” in the gym. I am loving all of the new science that has been coming out. I am trying to get a handle on protein distribution. If we need approximately 1-2 gm / lb of protein daily to add muscle size, are we to take that total amount and consume it in only three meals with the other two to three meals with l- Leucine and carbs/fats? Can you clarify.

      • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

        I think you are looking into this too literally. First, 1g/lb is going to be plenty to max anabolism. If you want to really push the envelope I’d say 4-5 meals of 30-50g of protein at each (depending upon the source & the leucine content) with maybe 5g dose of BCAAs in between each meal. I’m speculating here based on the available data in our lab.

        • Les Madore

          Thanks, makes sense. Do you consider a protein powder drink a meal?

        • http://www.biolayne.com Layne Norton

          certainly if it hits the threshold

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